4 things to know before moving to Les Landes

The Landes region is truly unique in its kind. The invigorating environment of pine forests, immense sandy beaches and world-class waves is almost surreal. Although many believe that the Landes is limited to being a quintessential holiday destination, more and more people are moving from polluted and expensive towns to live in areas offering a better quality of life at a lower price.

If you are planning to settle in the Landes, here are four points to consider.

1. There is work (really)

When you think of destinations for a lucrative professional career, the Landes is probably not the first place that comes to mind. However, with remote working becoming more common due to COVID, professionals of all ages are less tied to their desks, making it possible to live and work anywhere as long as one has an internet connection.

If remote working isn't your thing, there are still several other industries that are very dynamic:

  • Construction
  • Capital goods
  • The service
  • Agri-food Industry

Breakdown of commercial activity in the Landes:

  • 44,214 public and private establishments including 3700 new companies since 2012
  • four farms
  • 6,800 commercial establishments
  • 2,700 industrial companies
  • 4,500 construction and public works companies
  • 7,800 business service establishments
  • 8,700 personal service establishments
  • 2,200 tourism businesses

According to the CCI, the turnover generated by the Landes economy in 2016 was 15,84 billion euros, an increase of 19,8% in ten years. Service activities including transport and tourism represent a turnover of 2,8 billion euros.

The Landes are also a major thermal department in France: 75 curists in 849 spread over five thermal spas: Dax, Saint-Paul-lès-Dax, Eugénie-les-Bains.

The Landes are also the region's leading tourist destination. Each year, two million people enjoy the ocean, the forest, the gastronomy and a unique heritage.


2. Population is increasing

The Landes population has grown at a rate of around 10,5% since 2006. This population is diversified and consists of families, retirees and students looking for more diversified activities than those offered in the big cities.

This constant increase in population is probably due to the beautiful coastline surrounded by largely untouched natural environments and plenty of room to breathe. Nature is very popular, but so is the local cuisine and the mild climate.

Even globally, more and more people are following the urge to live in more natural environments that facilitate healthier existence.


3. Real estate for all budgets

The Landes real estate market is varied and prices change radically between the coastal towns and those which are further inland.

The most popular destinations are Hossegor and Capbreton, so the price per m² is also the most expensive: between € 3200 / m² and € 6000 / m² on average. Seignosse and Vieux-Boucau-les-Bains are more accessible if you want to stay by the sea, with prices ranging between 2 and 700 € / m² on average.

The average budget devoted to the purchase of a house will be on average between 350 and 000 € in Hossegor and Capbreton, and between 700 and 000 € in Labenne and Tyrosse.

Tarnos, Labenne, Saint André de Seignanx and Saint Martin de Seignanx are places that cater to small budgets while allowing easy access to the ocean and amenities.

Landes real estate is mainly made up of houses, but apartments are predominant (over 60%) in Capbreton, Hossegor and Seignosse due to their popularity with owners of second homes.


4. Choose the municipality wisely

Each sector of the Landes has something unique to offer.

Here is some info. on the most popular


  • Historic fishing port
  • Located just in front of Hossegor
  • More accessible prices than Hossegor
  • Great surf
  • Bike paths
  • Although Capbreton is a major tourist destination, more and more people are living in Capbreton all year round.
  • About 9 inhabitants live in Capbreton all year round, and about 000 during the summer.
  • Several new projects are underway to meet buyer demand.


  • Seignosse has two parts - village and ocean. Seignosse Océan is mainly made up of second homes, while the inhabitants of Seignosse Bourg live all year round. Seignosse Bourg is the older of the two.
    4000 inhabitants year round
  • Growing population
  • Prices are more accessible than in Hossegor
  • World class surfing and golf
  • Homes generally require renovations


  • The average price per m2 exceeds 5000 euros
  • Very high demand
  • About 4000 inhabitants year round
  • The population increases 10X during the summer
  • Famous for its surfing, golf and casino

There are also several other sectors with more accessible prices, including:

  • Anxiety
  • Benesse Maremne
  • Biados
  • Labenne
  • Odres
  • Saint-Martin-de-Hinx
  • Saint-Martin-de-Seignanx
  • Saint Vincent of Tyrosse
  • Saint Mary of Gosse
  • Saubion
  • Saubrigues
  • Cough

Ready to move?

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