Why O'Plus?

Today, 95% of real estate projects start their story on the internet, and 20 seconds is the time necessary for a prospect to fall in love with or reject your property.

And yes, as with any meeting, the first seconds are decisive!

(Don't panic! We're not a marriage agency, we're just going to do what we know how to do best: Sell your homes!)

O'Plus Immobilier agents are passionate about photography and are committed to highlighting your property, using many modern tools, so that these first 20 seconds are in your favor: Drone / Professional Wide Angle / Virtual Visit / Stabilized Camera .

We do not want to appear pretentious and talk to you about the attention given in the valuable opinions that we carry out, the seriousness that we put in each of the missions that you will be keen to give us, the professionalism that we share and of the serenity in which you will be throughout the adventure, so we prefer to ask you to meet us directly to form your own idea. 

About our meeting, it can be done in different ways:

- At the turn of one of your weekly walks to the O'Plus flea market, do not hesitate to walk through the door of our office and stop for a coffee and talk about real estate.

- In a café on the coast, watching the waves and talking about real estate.

- At the bend of a street in your neighborhood, chatting with your neighbors.

- By phone, or by e-mail, if you want us to travel to meet you directly, or if you simply want some information.

- Or, here, on the internet, by filling out our forms "What is the house of your dreams?" Or "What is the price of your house?" "

To tell the truth, the creation of O'Plus Immobilier comes from the notoriety of the brand and the excellent reputation of the O'Plus flea market, present in Anglet for nearly 30 years and the desire to sweep up traditional real estate, to dust off methods and above all to refocus on human relations. Trust, respect and honesty are key values ​​all too often flouted in this profession.

On a strong foundation of mutual trust, come and present your French real estate goals to us.