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In the old days Biarritz was a small village with an economy based around whaling. But since the extinction of the species, sea baths were invented by Bayonnais doctors. Initially it was with the aim of treating and preventing certain pathologies. But later, this practice attracted high society for its healing and relaxing benefits. Later, Eugenie the Empress fell in love with this city of sand and rocks… And during an agitated bath in the ocean, two Basques saved her from drowning. Quickly, the small village of Biarritz became the home of high society. It built villas, walks, luxury stores, and other amenities that still make the charm of this city that we love so much today.


Biarritz concentrates exceptional know-how, we have all grouped them together to guide you:

  • The market bar for a drink and a snack on tapas. Their little chickens delight Marion. You will be seduced by the atmosphere.
  • We recommend the commercial coffee for its quality service and sophisticated and traditional dishes.
  • At coco and the restaurant Txango are essentials, good time guaranteed. Txango, This is our Fred's favorite address.
  • If you are a fan of burgers, run to CAB. Their homemade chips are waiting for you.
  • For a craving for meat, haragia is the benchmark meat bar in Biarritz.
  • For a craving for seafood and fish, go to " at Albert », Claudine & Marion's favorite place.
  • If you are looking for a traditional restaurant, we recommend the Tantina of Burgos at the top of the Basque coast.
  • If you just want to have a drink and eat with a breathtaking view of the old port beach, get on the Rooftop for bathers.
  • At Joie, exceptional pizzas.
  • The Clos Basque is home to a very good chef according to our international Coco
  • Little Siam is the adored address of our entire team.

For a shopping spree, you will not be disappointed in Biarritz.

  • The must-see rue Mazagran will make your head spin with all its small shops.
  • Small bombs is Inès' favorite store!
  • Sophie's corner for a selection of soaps, scented candles and natural fragrances.
  • The inevitable " Galeries Lafayette »
  • Natacha for ready-to-wear and luxury shoes
  • Fancy to dress the ladies
  • Maje 
  • Hermès for exceptional pieces and recognized know-how
  • Goyard for leather goods and travel items
  • Claudie Pierlot
  • John Vier for elegant linens
  • Are to find the swimsuit of your dreams
  • And if you are looking for shoes, you will undoubtedly find them at Left Bank and Freelance

Do you want to change your cut?

  • We recommend the addresses Miss ou Camille Albanne. They will take great care of your hair and make you have a great time.
  • For exceptional jewelry, the address André Faur, Orpheus ou Harits 1870 will delight you.
  • Need glasses? See you at Pedarregaix, official supplier of Marion Glasses.
  • A desire for a new decor? You will find your happiness at Gazelle, Acte1, Courtyard side or at Hello.
  • Biarritz would not exist without its prospects of exceptions, compulsory passage to Etxola Bibi for a drink and a stroll along the Basque coast.
  • Claudine wanted to tell you her favorite places to have a drink: the BlueCargo with a breathtaking view of Ilbarritz beach. At Carlos, or to foie gras counter in Les Halles.
  • Finally to offer or to treat yourself, you will find excellent chocolates at Henriet and do not hesitate to go to chocolate museum to consume or visit it!
  • Impossible to get to Biarritz without going to drink tea at Miremont, their exceptional pastries are just waiting to be tasted.
  • It is at Adam that you will find the best Basque cake according to Claudine.
  • Go and taste the kanougas at Bets, our Valentine insists!
  • For a good bottle of wine, The cellar of the docks à la Negresse will be able to advise you as well as the address At Nicolas.
  • If you are looking for a surfboard or if you want to create a custom one, the shaper Panther Surfboards is the right address! If you are passing through, and you have forgotten your board, do not hesitate to stop by Colors of Surfing, they offer different rental options for boards from incredible local shapers!

Real estate in Biarritz

Ideally located between Spain and Bordeaux, Biarritz brings together all the ideal criteria of a seaside resort. Its climate is a competitive advantage with mild winters and bearable hot summers. The length and quality of its coastline appeals to citizens even internationally. In 2021, the average per square meter is 5euros. The market is largely dominated by second homes which represent 42% of homes. Indeed, investors are looking for apartments and houses not far from the coast for seasonal rental. It is increasingly rare to live year round in Biarritz as the market is so saturated and popular. Note also that the prices per square meter vary between the different districts. In the center of Biarritz, it is difficult to acquire a property below € 7000 / m2. 

Whether you want to buy or sell real estate in Biarritz, our team at O'Plus Immobilier will be happy to assist you throughout your real estate process. The agents O'Plus Immobilier are passionate about photography and have the ability to make your home stand out not only with professional photographs, but also drone images and 3-dimensional virtual tours.