Estimate your property in the Basque Country | How to do ?

Basque Country Estimate

The Basque Country has been experiencing an increase in demand for several years, but the health crisis, as well as the increase in remote work have massively accelerated the trend, and it should not stop! Between sea and mountains, and equipped with dynamic economy, the Basque Country offers an exceptional quality of life and numerous professional opportunities.

Such demand places Basque sellers in an ideal position to sell their house, it’s a seller’s market par excellence!

However, it is extremely important to ask the right price from the start in order to sell your house at the highest possible price in the shortest possible time.

Here's how to get an estimate for your house or apartment in the Basque Country:


Know the criteria

Several criteria are taken into consideration by buyers when searching for a property, and the perceived value, which is the culmination of the combined criteria, will determine the asking price.

General criteria for valuing real estate:

Geographic location

The city or village, the neighborhood, proximity to the city center, public transport available, shops, nurseries and schools in the surrounding area.

The specific location

Proximity to the ocean, view, number and distance from neighbors

General condition

Interior services: surface area, number of rooms, quality of equipment and their modernity, decor

External services

Outbuildings (garage, shelter, etc.), the presence of a courtyard or garden, a terrace or balcony, swimming pool land or a swimming pool but also the provision of a parking space, etc.


Depending on the criteria (but not only), calculate the value

Each criterion must be taken into account to estimate the fair price of an apartment or house.

It is also crucial to follow the increase in the price per m2 in sectors that evolve more quickly than others, but the price per m2 does not determine everything!

The valuation of real estate is not completely objective. Even if we try to find objectivity in any market to better anticipate our investments, part of the real estate market remains controlled by human emotions, which are more volatile. A crush isn't always logical, and sentimental value is priceless.


Solutions for making an estimate in the Basque Country

The real estate market constantly changing, and circumstances change for each property for sale. To make a competitive estimate, you need to find out about the prices and characteristics goods sold in the area.

To make an estimate based on your criteria and the state of the surrounding market, there are several solutions.


Online estimation

Several real estate agency sites offer an online estimate of the value of a property in the Basque Country, but this type of estimate remains approximate. 


There are also online simulators that are not necessarily linked to an agency, but they are still not sophisticated enough to take into account any the complex criteria of the evolving market.


The estimate by a real estate agent

The estimate made by a realtor qualified remains the most precise and comprehensive means. All the criteria are taken into account! The particularly high demand in the Basque Country might surprise you. .


Use an estimation service

The real estate valuation service analyzes the overall situation to give a fair value for your property upon request. This estimate is only valid for a few weeks since the market is constantly changing, especially right now!


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