Fred burger

Independent Commercial Agent

A little about me

I could start by presenting my CV to you and overwhelm you with reassuring qualifications. In a way, doing without this presentation suits me, because I do not have any diploma directly or indirectly related to the real estate sector. This is where the magic (madness) of the O'Plus agency and its director Marion operates. I'll be frank, my job interview took place in his passenger seat during a carpooling. Rare thing these days, Marion trusted my personality and my different skills rather than teaching a theoretical training. 

Holder of a BTS in public works, I became a chef and then an entrepreneur in the fashion sector to finish as a site manager… Does all this seem incoherent to you? It's true. However, all these heterogeneous experiences lead me to think differently and to imagine innovative solutions.

I think you realize that working with me will not be conventional but you can count on my seriousness, my thoroughness and my love of a job well done to carry out all your projects. My honesty and my frankness will allow you to have a clear, readable and transparent vision of my work, throughout our collaboration.

I know that real estate still has a lot of secrets for me, which is why I am even more passionate and eager to discover them! So, are you ready for the adventure ?! "

A little about me