Typical Christmas gift ideas from the Basque Country

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There are many gift ideas from the Basque Country, given the number of excellent local products and typical objects from the region.

If you want to support small traders, artisans and artists in the Basque Country, here are some ideas.


The Basque knife

Cutlers had worked in the Basque Country since the XNUMXth century!

The master cutlers of Bayonne were affiliated for several centuries to the corporation of the Faures (blacksmiths in Gascon), one of the three most important corporations of the city.

The workshop of “Basque Knife”, bordered by the Atchinetche canal, is located opposite the Adour river on the border of Anglet and Bayonne. This old building, located in the artisanal area of ​​Jorlis, housed a boilermaker's forge in the 1930s.

They make the handles out of horns and local wood. The two artisans (Séverine and Christophe) also use exotic materials such as snakewood and mammoth ivory.


The Ainciart Bergara makhilas

Used as a walking companion by the Basques, the makhila - which means "the stick" in Basque - was part of the daily life of the inhabitants of the Basque Country and more particularly in the province of Labourd.

At a time when means of transport were poorly developed and the paths not always safe, it was both a marching aid and a weapon with which to intimidate the enemy or to fight him if necessary.

L'atelier Ainciart Bergara is an artisan makhila (makila) maker for more than 7 generations. They are real works of art for walking or to decorate your living room!


Basque Spirits

The Basque Country is home to a fine collection of spirits, brandies, liqueurs and digestives because there are many plants with medicinal properties, today mostly consumed for pleasure (in moderation.. )

Patxaran:  A liqueur from Navarre made by macerating wild sloes in aniseed alcohol.

Izarra: A liqueur made from a distillate composed of plants, spices and two macerations, prunes and walnut husk. The distillate is associated, after passage in a copper still, with Armagnac to obtain a result faithful to the original recipe.

Manzana: Originally from the Spanish Basque Country, manzana is a green apple liqueur that is also found under the name of manzanita or manzana verde.

Basque cider:  Slightly different from French cider, sagarno has its own qualities that make it an essential drink. Today, many producers strive to offer quality products while respecting the values ​​of the territory.


The essential Basque espadrille

Dating from the XNUMXth century, these are the traditional shoes of the Basque Country with a sole braided in rope of vegetable material and surmounted by a linen canvas. Comfortable and timeless, it has become a real fashion accessory.


Basque sweets

Basque cake

The Basque cake is a typical cake from Labourd and part of Lower Navarre traditionally filled with black cherries, or almond pastry cream.

Basque cake

Basque macaroons

Soft and tender, Maison Adam macaroons are the real Saint-Jean-de-Luz macaroons and have existed for more than three centuries.

Crafted daily by hand, these delicacies conceal an essential ingredient: the essence of a family secret.

Basque chocolate

1670 is the year of the first mention of Chocolate in Bayonne. It is the specialty of Portuguese Marrano Jews who have taken refuge in the Basque Country. Driven out of Spain, then of Portugal, they land in Bordeaux, which they are once again forced to leave. Some choose to settle in Bayonne.

Today, there is no shortage of excellent chocolatiers in the Basque Country. Two stars would be Cazenave et Puyodebat.


The Basque beret

This symbol of French culture originates from the Basque Country. Shepherds of the Pyrenees wore sheep wool berets for protection from the elements from the XNUMXth century.

There are several shops that sell authentic berets in the Basque Country, the most famous being the Laulhère House.

Basque beret


A gift from Brocante O'Plus

Installed since 1992, on more than 1800m2, in Anglet, between Bayonne and Biarritz, the O'PLUS flea market invites you on a walk through all styles and all eras.

The flea market presents a range of very eclectic items, all in an atmosphere conducive to strolling in the best aesthetic and sensory conditions.


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The creation of'O'Plus Real Estate comes from the notoriety of the brand and the excellent reputation of Brocante O'Plus, present in Anglet for nearly 30 years and the desire to sweep up traditional real estate, to dust off methods and above all to refocus on human relations. Trust, respect and honesty are key values ​​that are all too often flouted in this profession.

So, let us trust each other and come and present your project to us!