To introduce you to Ines, I think I'm in the best position to tell you about her. Me, it's Marion. I see you coming, why me to tell you about her. 

And yet... Ines has been my right arm since the very beginning of O'plus, the one with whom I started the adventure, together in our big office (at the time he seemed big to us, a little less now that the team has grown!) but it's mostly more than that. She's been my friend for almost 20 years, and what a friend! The one with whom I started to ride, with whom I went to competitions, with whom I also did the 400 blows in the evening and especially the one who gave me the great happiness this year to be the godmother of his son ! And with all that, I can tell you with certainty that I know her enough to tell you that writing a text to talk about her is really not her thing!

Ines is above all a wonderful mother, a wonderful friend and an outstanding real estate agent. The one who knows new homes and their regulations better than anyone. The one for whom Saint Pierre d'Irube and Mouguerre no longer hold any secrets. The one you'll love the minute you meet her.

Ines, she will also be able to name all the trees and plants in your garden (or almost!) and tell you about the most suitable filtration for your pool without any problem!

Hard worker, I even had to send her home at 8 months pregnant so that she stopped working and rested a bit! You can be sure that she will not give up during the negotiations!

So if I have any advice to give you, it's trust him, you'll be delighted!