Joanna fortin

Independent Commercial Agent

A little about me

I can tell you that I like Queen's song "Don't stop me now", the color yellow and the profiteroles, that I perfectly imitate the voice of a reporter from 90's investigation, and that orcas don't have nothing to do in a water park, but rather go on a more sober introduction.

Hello, I'm Joanna and for 27 years my life has been an adventure.

Passionate about traveling and a self-confident "nerd", I like to talk about the fog that falls in the pine forests of the American northwest, the fountains of the Palace of Peterhof in Saint Petersburg, as well as episode VI of Star Wars or the end disappointing from Games of Thrones.

By the way, what do you call the mixture of a dinosaur and a pig?

Jurassic Pig…

After having lived several years in the USA and Ireland, after having wandered in Russia and in Europe and in Africa, I finally put my suitcases in the Basque Country 2 years ago. Breton by adoption, the proximity to the ocean, the beautiful sunsets and the good cider are essential components of my life.

Coming from a course in digital strategies and product development, my parents would tell you that it was time for me to enter the workforce. I would answer you that I would have liked to continue studying. Bingo! Real estate turns out to be the perfect compromise.

Dynamic and complete, this profession means that I never stop learning. Commercial for the O'plus Immobilier agency for a year.

Why O'plus? I like ambitious bets and that of dusting off traditional real estate is one of them. Modern and at the cutting edge of technology, this agency is also a patchwork of extraordinary personalities.

Although I have the annoying tendency to arrive at 10:10 am, I like to take the time to discover my clients and their projects over a coffee. The purchase or sale of a property is an important milestone in life and good support is essential. I can't wait to meet you, in confidence and good humor!

A little about me