The future for energy-intensive homes

Energy-intensive housing

From January 1, 2023, homes with an energy consumption of more than 450 kWh per m² per year will no longer be authorized for rental, and the number of these thermal sieves is estimated at 4,8 million in France!

This measure, which has been worrying landlords for some time, will impact the French real estate market in 2023.


A stable share of F or G housing for rent

On the transaction side, housing classified F or G represents approximately 12% of real estate advertisements. A level equivalent to that of the rental. But this share is twice as large as in 2021.

A jump of 2 to 4% of housing rated G and 5 to 8% for F is even noted.


No impact for the moment on the rental

The pressure generated by the shortage of properties to rent is so great that the ECD criterion does not play a key role in the decision to rent. The “first come, first served” rule continues to apply as long as the candidate meets the income criteria.

Effects concerning the transaction

There is a slight effect on contacts for properties for sale: the higher the score of the DPE on a real estate advertisement, the lower the volume of requests concerning it.

Nationally, the price per m² of G-rated homes has fallen by around 25% since June 2021. Some thermal strainers can therefore represent great opportunities for individuals looking for a good deal.


Thermal colanders are not doomed to remain so

If the owner carries out energy renovation work, the letter from the DPE will be revised downwards.

Depending on the purchase price of the property as well as the insulation work to be carried out, you can become a winner on your investment provided you fully quantify the operation.


Carry out energy renovations

Different aids exist for energy renovation work whether you are an occupying owner or a lessor:

MyPrimeRenov '

Aid for energy renovation offered by FranceRénov', calculated according to your income and the ecological gain of the work. MaPrimeRénov' is upgraded to encourage renewable energies and reduce dependence on gas and fuel oil.

zero rate eco-loan (eco-PTZ)

An interest-free loan of up to €50. You can obtain it if you are the owner-occupier or lessor of a dwelling built more than 000 years ago located in metropolitan France: Part of France which is located in Europe (2 departments). It is awarded without a means test. Your work must imperatively be carried out by a company Recognized as guarantor of the environment (RGE).

There are 3 main categories of work concerned by the eco-PTZ:

  • One-off renovation work allowing your home to improve its energy performance (for example, insulation of your roof, change of windows and/or heating)
  • Global renovation work allowing your home to achieve a minimum energy performance
  • Rehabilitation work on your non-collective sanitation installation using a device that does not consume energy

Reduced rate VAT

Renovation work carried out in an old dwelling benefits from reduced VAT rates under certain conditions. VAT at the reduced rate of 5,50% or at the intermediate rate of 10% is reserved for improvement, transformation, development and maintenance work on residential accommodation completed more than 2 years ago. In Guadeloupe, Martinique and Reunion, the applicable rate is 2,1%.

The new platform France Renov', launched by the Ministry in charge of Housing, aims to be the single point of entry for all works. A simulation tool makes it possible to identify the financial aid available.

In some cases, the Denormandie investment system may apply. It offers owners an advantageous tax reduction on the Pinel model, under conditions of work and rental of the property for a certain period.

The works oscillate between 15 and 000€. To benefit from state aid, his work must be carried out by an RGE approved craftsman.


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