The Best Breweries in the Basque Country

Breweries in the Basque Country

Prioritizing local products is becoming increasingly popular, and beer is no exception. Over the past decade, Basque craft breweries and local beers have evolved at an impressive speed. In this article, we will detail the best local beers that the Pays Basque has to offer.

Akerbeltz Brewery

Since 1999, the beers Akerbeltz are brewed in Pays Basque by François Iraola respecting brewing traditions. The brewery is located in Ascain, at the foot of the Rhune.

Akerbeltz manages the entire production of its beers: from the receipt of raw materials and ingredients to packaging, shipping and sale.


Hizketa Brewery

Since 2016, the craft brewery hizketa crafts a range of beers with character, using natural ingredients and long and careful brewing processes.

Developed by Extebe & Juliette Fagoaga in Saint Pée sur Nivelle in the Basque Country, the beer is made on site.

They make original, accessible and surprising beers to share their passion for beer with you.


Basque Country Brewery

Located 22km from Bayonne, the Basque Country Brewery extends over more than 3000 m2, dedicated to the brewing of craft beer. In the maze of 7km of pipes, 3 master brewers are in charge of making Eguzki beers. First and foremost passionate about their profession, they pursue research work to develop the beers of tomorrow.

The brewery produces more than 500 beers each year. Eguzki beers are quite present in the territory. They can be found everywhere in the Basque Country, especially in Basque bars and supermarkets.


Etxeko Bob's Beer

Etxeko Bob's Beer was founded in 2006 by Robin Worboys, an Englishman passionate about good beer, and is one of the first local breweries to set up in the Basque Country. It remained almost entirely local. 90% of their produced beers are distributed within a radius of 50km around the brewery.

Etxeko Bob's beer can not only be found directly at the brewery, but also in several local bars, restaurants and shops. The brand has created several partnerships with local events, including music festivals and sporting events.


Kipett Brewery

Since 2016, Brasserie Kipett has been located in the village of Biscous. It offers beers for all tastes, which are available in several bars in the region as well as on site at the brewery.

Their beers can also be found during gastronomy fairs, Basque markets, and especially at the farmers' market in Briscous.


Arrobio Brewery

Arrobio Brewery offers organic beer from barley and wheat malts as well as hops from organic farming, and they are developing their marketing in short circuits.

Their beers are unfiltered, unpasteurized and top-fermented, and the brewery essentially offers two ranges:

  • the Arrobio range
  • the Eusk'ale range.

All the beers are produced in the Arrobio brewery, located in Espelette, in the heart of the Basque Country.


La Biarrotte Brewery

As its name suggests, the Brasserie Biarritz produces beers entirely made in Biarritz and based on only 3 ingredients: malt, hops, water. Founded in 2015 by a native of Biarritz, these beers are made with a lot of creativity.

Beers from the Brasserie La Biarrotte are available for sale in a few bars in the Basque Country, partner cellars, and directly.


The Superb Brewery

Created in 2016 in Biarritz, La Superbe to quickly evolve from homebrewing to modern brewing. They place ingredients at the heart of their creative process.

The malts and hops used are selected from the best varieties around the world, according to their aromatic and taste profiles to create exceptional hopped juices. No additives, colorants, preservatives and extracts are involved in the production process.