Interior design trends 2022

Looking to make some interior design changes to your home this year? In this article, we will present the main interior design trends of 2022 to inspire you.



Giving second-hand items a second life is becoming more and more popular. Not only the incorporation of vintage furniture and decorative pieces makes your home's interior one of a kind, but it's also generally more cost-effective, and it's definitely the greenest way to buy. While it's certainly not for everyone, the "treasure hunting" aspect of antiquing can be delightfully addictive, especially when you come across incredible opportunities at garage sales, auctions and online sites like than leboncoin or eBay. If you have an eye for things with potential and love DIY projects, you can even try your hand at restoring old furniture that has lost its shine over the years.

As for a specific vintage trend for 2022, anything from the 70s is hot right now. Florals, animal prints and bright colors are definitely trending.

vintage design



Going back to nature is not only a real estate trend for 2022, but also a decoration trend! Plant-covered walls and hanging plants are increasingly becoming part of interior design, but you don't have to go to that extreme. Just adding a few extra plants to your home is a great way to improve feng shui and even improve indoor air quality.

Studies have shown that indoor plants can positively influence the indoor microbiome. Houseplants increase microbial abundance and prevent the proliferation of harmful bacteria. Along with the scientifically proven benefits, indoor plants also provide psychological benefits. They have been proven to improve mental health by reducing stress and anxiety.

Plants aren't the only way to bring nature into your home. Natural surfaces are also making their way into more and more homes, including sandstone, terracotta, marble and travertine, which are used for bathtubs, furniture and other decorative pieces.

People seek out and appreciate more raw, imperfect organic materials that add character to a home's interior.


Colors evoking the earth



Green is trending in interior design due to its calming nature and connection to nature. Given that people have been stuck indoors for long periods of time over the past couple of years, it's understandable that they're looking to optimize their living spaces for physiological well-being. If you don't like green walls, you can opt for a green chair, artwork, or a variety of other decorations with touches of green.


Different shades of brown are expected to be trending in 2022 and go hand in hand with the recent rise in popularity of vintage furniture.

Rounded furniture

Furniture with rounded shapes is another interior design trend for 2022 that can be seen on social media, as well as in major magazines such as Vogue. The rounded and slightly curved edges of the furniture are subconsciously perceived as welcoming and safe (like the color green). If this trend resonates with you, you might consider incorporating a rounded table, sofa, chairs, or sculptures into your living space.

Rounded furniture


The perfect home office

While remote work is becoming increasingly accepted around the world due to the pandemic, creating the perfect home office has become a priority. Ergonomic office chairs, optimal acoustics, lighting and plants can go a long way towards creating a productive, healthy and sustainable work environment at home.

The most popular home office design trends for 2022:

  • Scandinavian
  • Eco-style
  • Industrial
  • Art Déco

home office


Leather furniture

As natural imperfections and base colors are increasingly popular, it's no surprise that leather armchairs and sofas that tell a story over time with natural patinas are making a comeback! Not only does leather look better over time, but it's not as expensive as you might think and cleans easily because it's impenetrable.

Leather furniture

Decorative pieces from around the world

People will likely travel more in 2022 and bring back unique pieces from their favorite destinations. The interiors are likely to suit a nomadic and adventurous taste.


Mix and match

As more and more people don't want to have interiors that look like everyone else's, more risks are being taken when it comes to combining materials and styles.


En conclusion

Interior design trends are a fascinating reflection of what matters to people at any given time. Nothing is more personal than what is incorporated into someone's intimate living space.