Marion gallot

Real estate agent

A little about me

Tell you that I am passionate about life, people, photography and animals, and that I love the ocean so much that I continue to marvel at the landscapes around me every day, and without weariness, don't you will not really explain why I decided, in April 2018, to open the O'Plus Immobilier agency.

Whatever… My inexhaustible enthusiasm for the region certainly weighed heavily in the balance at the start of this adventure.

Indeed, freshly graduated from a Bachelor and an MBA in business school, and after a year and a half in the position of marketing manager and real estate negotiator in Saint Jean de Luz, I decided to fly to United States.

9000km from home, in California, in Los Angeles to be precise, where the lifestyle is so close (and so different paradoxically) from my life on the Basque coast. It is over there, during this year 2017, in the middle of the palm trees of Santa Monica and Venice Beach, the waves of Malibu, the avocado toasts of Joan on Third, ice creams from Salt & Straw and my daily life between Beverly Hills & Westwood that this desire for entrepreneurship is born.

A year later, in February 2018, I am back in these wonderful Basque lands, those I love so much and which will forever be in my heart as the place where I want to make all my dreams come true.

The project to set up a real estate agency then becomes very real. But not an agency like we see everywhere. No, I didn't want a display case, no fishbowl, but a desk in the O'Plus flea market, that of my father, that which is so different and so fascinating. The one I grew up in.

I wanted the relationships with my clients to be more human, honest, patient, and much more attentive than what I have seen and experienced before. My attraction for new technologies, my training in marketing, and my American experience allowed me to develop the O'Plus Immobilier agency differently from traditional agencies.

Two and a half years later, I am surrounded by a happy band of enthusiasts, with different profiles and backgrounds, who are committed to achieving your life projects.

Thank you to those who trusted me from day 1 of this crazy adventure and to all those I still have to meet, I am already looking forward to working with you!

A little about me