Best surf spots on the French Basque coast

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For beginners or experienced, many spots are accessible on the French side of the Pays Basque. In this article, we talk about the best surf spots in the region.

The Cavaliers – Anglet

Located north of the coast of Anglet, Les Cavaliers is a very popular beach-break because of its tubular and powerful waves.

This spot, which regularly hosts high-level surfing competitions, operates all year round and is perfectly suited to intermediate to advanced surfers.

The spot can withstand a nice swell without saturating, the best time to surf there is at low tide and at mid tide.

Prefer a westerly swell and an easterly wind. It is a very popular spot especially on weekends and summer. The spot is easily accessible and you will find many free car parks to park.


The Basque Coast – Biarritz

The Côte des Basques is the emblematic surf spot of the city of Biarritz.

This hugely popular beach break offers fun, long waves for surfers of all skill levels. It is a spot very popular with longboarders because it is sheltered from the wind and offers gentle waves for this practice.

There are also many beginners and surf schools there in the summer. It is a very popular spot on weekends and during the summer period. The spot works all year round and the waves are frequent.

The best time to surf is at low tide and mid tide with a westerly swell and an easterly wind. The spot is easily accessible, it is located a few meters below the center of Biarritz.

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100 Steps Beach – Bidart

The Plage des 100 Marches is a perfect spot for beginners. However, it is not very accessible and has no amenities. It is therefore a small corner of paradise for nature lovers.

This spot has the advantage of not being too crowded, even in season, and it can be surfed at any tide, although it is preferable at mid-tide. The spot has a rocky and sandy bottom, be careful of the rocks that can appear on the outgoing tide. The spot works mainly for a swell ranging from 1 to 1.5 meters with an East / South-East wind.


Parliamentia – Guethary

The spot of Parlementia is on the border between Bidart and Guethary, its name dates from the time when Guethary took its independence being no longer considered as a district of the municipality of Bidart but as a municipality in its own right, Parlementia was therefore the place of parliament between the two municipalities where administrative decisions were discussed.

Today it is one of the best known spots on the coast for its endless right.

It is renowned for being easy to access thanks to the launching which can be done from the port without having to pass a bar. You can't find more reliable on the whole coast, Parlementia is a wave with a rocky bottom, so it almost never saturates because of the swell, the spot works from 1 to 5 meters, preferably with an East/South wind East. This is a heavy condition spot.


Lafitenia – Saint-Jean-de-Luz

Lafitenia is located in a beautiful setting surrounded by nature. Its reef break sculpts you an incredible right, exploitable for a swell ranging from 1 to 3.5 meters, preferable by East / South-East wind.

On the other hand, his isolation does not guarantee his calm! In summer the spot is full of people, so you have to share the spot as well as possible. Shortboards have no other choice but to be well inside, longboards can go for the big series which sometimes have a staggered peak, it allows everyone to have fun without getting in the way.

Although the spot is good, it is however not the right place to start, you have to know how to master your board well so as not to end up in the rocks.


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