Can you be a top athlete in the Basque Country?

Sports are an integral part of Basque culture, some better known than others. There are a variety of unique sports to excel in the Basque Country.



The Basque Country has its own Hockey team which has existed since 1970. Its name, “Hormadi”, means “ice” in Basque. The ice rink is located at La Barre in Anget and is the only ice rink in the region outside of Bordeaux.

Since 2018, the Hormadi has had a team of professionals who crisscross France. There are 22 home games per year and the ice rink can accommodate up to 1 spectators. The matches are often complete with a mascot and an unforgettable atmosphere. The club does not have the same budget as the big teams, like Grenoble or Rouen, but it is respected as a big club with a proud team and passionate fans.

The club is a family friendly place that also includes a hockey school for children.



In the Basque Country, La Pelote is more than just a sport. It's a tradition, and you can play Pelota in almost every town and village in the Basque Country at all levels. Pelota is in fact one of the oldest sports known to man. It is a derivative of handball and combines several different sports, such as cesta punta, chistera joko garbi, paleta cuir, pala corta, xare, rebot and pasaka.

La Pelote is not just limited to the Basque Country. There are several well-known clubs throughout France, including those in Brive, Toulouse, Le Haillan and Paris. The pelota is also played in Mexico, the United States, Cuba, Argentina, the Philippines, Hong Kong and Italy.



Surfing in the Basque Country may not be as famous as it is in the Landes, but it certainly provides the perfect environment to grow as a surfer quickly and pursue it in earnest. There are many surf schools, spots for all skill levels, competitions and a supportive community. Its proximity to Hossegor facilitates quick access to world-class sandbanks.

Some famous Basque surfers:

Tim Boal- Champion of France and Europe.

Antoine Delpero- Longboard World Champion.

Pauline Ado- Originally from Hendaye, Pauline won two championship titles (2005 and 2007), and was the first French surfer to become world champion in 2009 at the age of 17.

Tom Curren- He is actually American, but has a strong affinity for the Basque Country and lived in Anglet for some time.



The Basque Country has world-class golf courses with breathtaking landscapes. The Basque Country is home to the first green in France and the Biarritz club was created in 1888.

Some golf courses in the Basque Country would include:

  • Arcangues golf course
  • Chantaco Golf
  • Chiberta Golf
  • Golf Epherra
  • Ilbarritz International Golf Training Center
  • Biarritz le Phare golf course
  • Golf of the Nivelle
  • Makila Golf Club

Legendary Basque golfers:

  • Jean Gassiat
  • Eugene Laffite
  • Pierre Hirigoyen
  • Arnaud Massy


Horse riding

Horse riding is a unique activity with several different approaches.

The Basque Country is home to a variety of equestrian clubs for riders of all levels.

  • Niv'au Galop Club
  • Biarritz Horse Club
  • Urkodea Farm
  • Olhaldea Zalditokia Equestrian Tourism Center
  • Aitz Zaixpy ​​Equestrian Center
  • Equestrian Club of the Basque Coast
  • the Larretcheberria stables


The skate

The Basque country has lots of great spots and parks, several skate shops, decent weather and a thriving skate / surf culture. There are all the resources you would need to perfect this art.

  • Bayonne Skatepark
  • Anglet skatepark
  • Biarritz skatepark
  • The skateparks of Saint-Jean-de-Luz



The Basque coastline is not only pleasant to look at, but can also be sailed! Some Basque sailing clubs for all levels:

  • Moby Dick (Hendaye)
  • EVI Nautika International Sailing School (Ciboure)
  • Hendaye Nautical Center - Itsasoko Haizea



Tennis is another sport taken seriously in the Basque Country. There are a lot of clubs, great teachers, tournaments and talented players of all ages.

Some Basque tennis clubs to guide you:

  • Tennis Biarritz Olympic
  • Aviron Bayonnais Tennis Club
  • Tennis Club Luzien
  • Ustaritz tennis club
  • Anglet Olympic Tennis Club
  • Briscous tennis club



Rowing is practiced in the Basque Country both as a hobby and in competition.

Basque rowing clubs:

  • Bayonne Nautical Society
  • Rowing Ur Yoko



Rugby is anchored in the DNA of the Basque Country. Rugby represents strength and camaraderie, which are strong Basque values. The Basque teams are:

  • Olympic Biarritz
  • Bayonnais Rowing


En conclusion

The Basque Country is an extremely sporty region with a sport for everyone. In fact, if you are looking to excel at just about any sport in Europe, the Basque Country has just about all the resources you would need to reach your full potential. If you are looking to relocate to the Basque Country for sporting interests, do not hesitate to call O'Plus Immobilier so that we can help you find the perfect home depending on the lifestyle you want to achieve. +33 (0) 6 64 55 77 49