Why sell your house in 2021?

Across France, the demand for housing is high, but that's not the only factor that makes 2021 a perfect year to sell your home. If you are a hesitant seller in today's market, we hope you find this article reassured. Read on to find out why you should sell your home in France in 2021.


Your house will sell quickly (if the price is right)

Sellers often postpone the sale because they are afraid their home will not sell fast enough. Objective pricing of your home is a crucial part of selling your home in a timely manner, which is why it would be a good idea to have your home price calculated by a real estate agent.

Contrary to popular belief, a real estate agent can save you money by strategically estimating the value of your home based on market behavior at any given time. 2021 is a great year to be a seller, but if the house price isn't right, you could be missing out on a rare opportunity.


Prices will continue to rise

Having the ability to sell your home for a much higher price than what you bought it for is great, but when it comes to buying a new home after the sale, you are obviously at a disadvantage. All is relative.

Many home sellers in 2021 wait for house prices to drop before buying a new home. However, regardless of COVID lockdowns or interest rates, house prices will continue to rise. Since spring 2019, real estate prices have steadily increased to an annual rate of 7%, demonstrating that nothing can calm this relentless increase in the value of real estate.


Fewer new build buyers thanks to COVID

Due to the unpredictable COVID measures, construction of new homes has been stifled or suspended in the majority of cases, forcing new buyers to abandon these projects and consider purchasing older homes. This means that more buyers will be interested in your home, which will speed up the process.


Current owners have an advantage

New home buyers don't have equity to buy their home, they have to save if they want a lower mortgage rate. On the other hand, existing homeowners have more to invest in their next home since building equity. In addition, the interest rates are very low. As a result, the current owners have more leverage and can afford a nicer home.


Supply will increase

As more and more people understand the benefits of selling their homes in this market, the supply will inevitably increase, leading to increased competition with other sellers. 2021 is a great time to sell your home given the constant supply of serious buyers and low competition.


Low credit rate (for now)

The low rates create unprecedented opportunities for those looking to move to another home. Since buyers can afford more expensive homes in today's market, their future return on investment will be higher if you factor in the 7% annual price increase.

Such low rates will not last forever. When they increase, you won't be able to get as much for your money.


More time to prepare your home

COVID measures have given more people more time at home, giving sellers more opportunities to handle all the details associated with the transaction. Some of these preparations may include:


Buyer fatigue

With so many offers and not enough homes for sale, many buyers will end up frustrated and decide to wait for the supply to increase before continuing with their home search.

Although house prices rise steadily, the unusually strong demand will not last forever.


Are you looking to sell your house?

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