Some young Basque companies to discover!

The Basque country has an endless supply of products that reflect its rich culture and heritage. Below are our favorite local businesses:


Ura Spirits

Located in Biarritz on the Basque coast, the distillery URA SPIRITS which takes its name both from water, “ura” in Basque, offers spirits based on vacuum distillation. There are very few distilleries in the world that do it in this way because it does not allow to produce in large quantities.

Lowering the pressure in the still will lower the boiling point of the alcohol. So botanicals are distilled at low temperature and their aromas are respected!

Each botanical has its preferred temperature and pressure. In order to obtain the most qualitative and precise distillate possible, each botanical is therefore distilled separately in small batches of 3 liters to be then assembled. The alcohol content (% vol alc) of the blend is reduced, cold, before bottling, with a mineral water from the Pyrenees drawn at an altitude of 1100 meters and having a very low minerality and a low PH.

All their spirits are produced from organic wheat alcohol and the reduction of the% vol alc is achieved with mineral water from the Pyrenees.



Panther Surfboards

Panther Surfboards is a premium surfboard manufacturer based in Biarritz, France. The brand was founded by Renaud Pons in 2015 after many years of learning and development, in France and abroad.

Today, Panther Surfboards has voluntarily made the choice to produce entirely in their workshop in Biarritz, emphasizing the quality of their work and craftsmanship. Each board is designed and shaped manually by Renaud only. It will then be laminated and sanded, either by himself or by one of his passionate collaborators, trained by Renaud. Panther Surfboards is a family business: while Renaud is in charge of production, his wife Juliette is in charge of customer relations and marketing.



La Torref

The TORREF ' it is above all a story of good coffee, in all its forms and for all tastes! Their coffees always come from carefully selected plantations according to strict criteria of harvest and treatment, as well as various criteria of environmental and societal commitments.

Then, it is of course in Anglet in the Basque Country that all the coffees are roasted daily. This is the know-how of your roaster craftsman! In a cup? A result of unique aromatic quality for everyone, amateurs, coffee lover or professionals.

@ latorref64



Located in Biarritz, EPOQ is the trendy locavore restaurant of young chef Anthony Orjollet.

The XNUMX-year-old chef explains the concept to us:

“Here you come to eat whatever your desires. You can come and eat a single dish on the go for € 15, have several plates to share like tapas or even enjoy a full menu ”. Thus Epoq uninhibits the formula "Starter, Main Course, Dessert" and united in one and the same place and around an eclectic cuisine that will put everyone in agreement, all profiles and all stomachs. "



MarchLab favors the essential by offering French watches of raw elegance whose simplicity is the refinement.

Vintage-inspired creations that claim “less is more”, by merging the historical heritage of Biarritz and the modernity of Los Angeles.


Tweety Frenchy

Life is too short to wear boring underwear! Tweety Frenchy is a bra concept with removable and interchangeable backs.

Always passionate about fashion and lingerie, Lucie wanted to wear lingerie suited to her outfits and more particularly to bare backs. It was after having deposited the concept of the removable and interchangeable back that the adventure began!

@ titi.frenchy


O'Plus Real Estate 😉

The creation of the O'Plus Immobilier agency comes from the brand awareness and excellent reputation of the Flea Market O'Plus, present in Anglet for nearly 30 years and the desire to sweep up traditional real estate, to dust off methods and above all to refocus on human relations. Trust, respect and honesty are key values ​​all too often flouted in this profession.