Valentin Duhau

Independent Commercial Agent

A little about me

If you are looking for me, there is a good chance of meeting me at the Biarritz market hall on a Saturday evening, even Tuesday evening for that matter ... But hey, that was before the Covid.

Me is Valentin, I am 26 years old and I started very early to take care of your houses and apartments since I worked in carpentry but also in carpentry for 2 years in Martinique. Because yes, the sun and adventure are an integral part of my personality.  

I then returned to France to finish my studies with a BTS in negotiation and customer relations, I could not see my future without human contact. I like people, I like to guide them in the choices that suit them and advise them on the best corners of the Basque country according to their lifestyles. 

 Another thing about me: I love beautiful things, and I wanted to learn to make them even more beautiful. I was a sales representative at Porsche. I was taught to pamper people and that's what I like best about the luxury sector! But beware, nothing conventional, with me it's in a good mood.

A little about me