Selling your property in the Basque Country: the complete guide

Selling your house in the Basque country

You want to sell real estate in the basque country ? In this article, O'Plus Real Estate explains how to sell your property quickly and at the best price!


1. Perform the necessary technical diagnostics

As everywhere in France, the sale of your apartment or house involves carrying out the diagnoses to be carried out by a professional. Without the provision of all the required and valid diagnoses, you will not be able to sign the sales agreement for your house or apartment.

The specific diagnoses to be carried out are determined by the geolocation of the property, the year of its construction and the age of its electrical and gas installation.

These technical diagnostics are necessary to appraise a property. The owner may have to carry out:

  • The asbestos diagnosis for any construction having been the subject of a building permit before July 1, 1997
  • The report of the risks of exposure to lead (CREP) for any construction prior to January 1, 1949
  • The Energy Performance Diagnosis (EPD)
  • Diagnosis of the interior electrical installation
  • Diagnosis of the internal gas installation
  • Termite diagnosis
  • The State of Risks and Pollution (ERP)
  • Noise diagnosis (Noise Exposure Map)
  • The Carrez Law area for condominiums


To these diagnoses is added that of on-site sanitation. Any sale of a house in the Basque country not connected to mains drainage must include the supply by the seller to the purchaser of a state of conformity of the sanitation system. This diagnosis is made by the Non-collective Public Sanitation Service (SPANC) competent in the municipality where the property is located.


2. Have your property appraised

Any successful sale requires an accurate valuation of your house or apartment. Especially in the Basque country, you cannot simply multiply the average price per m² in a municipality by the living area.

Each house or apartment has its own characteristics that deserve to be taken into account in addition to the state of the real estate market. The right price is determined after an assessment carried out on site by a professional who perfectly masters the local real estate market.

A real estate agency from the Basque country will be able to objectively analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the house or apartment concerned, taking into account the essential criteria, for example:

  • Kind of good
  • Year of construction
  • Year of renovation
  • Living room exhibition
  • Condition
  • Work needed
  • type of heating
  • Property tax
  • Number of levels
  • Living space
  • Land or terrace area
  • Number of pieces
  • Number of bedrooms
  • Number of bathrooms
  • Number of bathroom
  • Number of toilets
  • Kitchen type
  • Joint ownership
  • sanitation


Apart from these criteria, the precise valuation of a property is based on the comparison of the house or the apartment offered with the sales of equivalent properties carried out in the same sector.

It is essential not to be too greedy with its selling price. For what ?

  • An overvalued property does not attract visitors
  • The novelty effect does not work

Have your property appraised


3. Prepare your property

For this step it is a question of reaching the best possible state of presentation without doing the work.

You might be tempted to improve your house before putting it up for sale to attract more buyers. But here is the problem with the works: you rarely recover all of your investment. If you spend $15 to redo parts of your kitchen, that could result in an additional $000 in resale value. But your chances of getting your full €10 back are pretty slim.

That's why you better focus on easy repairs rather than big jobs. If you have leaky faucets, replace them with newer faucets that don't constantly drip. But don't remove perfectly good cabinets or counters if there are technically no issues with them.

A good first impression is essential!

In addition to a deep cleaning, it is advisable to remove as much furniture as possible to better reveal the space of your rooms.

You will also have to "depersonalize" your property by removing objects or photographers that make it more difficult for a potential buyer to imagine living in your property.


4. Choose your means of marketing

Nowadays, most French people go through websites to buy a property, so it is crucial that your house or apartment is visible on all real estate sites and portals.

Descriptive text and photos are extremely important to entice potential buyers. You have to make people want to trigger the desire to visit!

Beaucoup will try to avoid real estate agent fees and sell their home independently. By law, you don't have to work with an agent to sell your property.

However, the whole process involves a lot of hassle for the sellers. If you decide to do this individually, be prepared to invest a lot of time and effort into the process.

Although the fees may seem significant, you will save a lot of time by working with a real estate agency. The process of marketing your home on your own includes listing the property, scheduling visits, ordering surveys, and working with a notary for legal documentation. The deed of sale must be prepared by a notary and signed by both parties during the purchase process.

Most buyers will go to reputable real estate agents to buy a property in France. This means that your home will be marketed to the right people, increasing the chances of a profitable sale.


5. Qualify potential buyers and organize visits

Before making the visits, each person must be qualified to verify the possibility of a purchase of the requested amount. You have to ask the right questions, and people need to have a concrete financing plan. This qualification assures you that they are in a position to buy your property, and avoids wasting time.

If possible, a visit is organized in the best sunshine of the day outside peak hours and your visitors will appreciate the tips for finding a parking space.

Visitors should enjoy a friendly, complete and honest visit. Potential objections must be able to be countered by specific and possibly quantified solutions. Like a good salesperson, you must have la good answer to everything!

Visit a property


6. Evaluate offers and accept an offer to purchase

Anyone wishing to purchase real estate must submit a written purchase offer. It is a document that strongly commits you as a seller. 

This document includes the statements below:

  • the identification (surnames, first names and addresses) of the applicants and the seller
  • the description and precise address of the property concerned
  • the clearly expressed desire of the proposer to acquire the property
  • the price offered


As a seller, you will have to assess the quality of the purchase offer presented to you. This appreciation is not limited to the price offered for the sale of your house in the Basque country! The terms of the financing and the conditions precedent of sale are decisive, for example:

  • Does he have a contribution?
  • Is its purchase conditional on the sale of its own property?
  • By obtaining a building permit to modify or extend?

You need precise answers before accepting the offer!


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